More and more dice just keep on appearing!!

This visual trick is as visual as it is baffling!
Cover the dice with a small tube, yet when you lift off the tube, the number of dice grows and grows until you have double the number you started with.
A surprising gimmick that is built into the tube makes this startling effect possible.
At the end of the performance, you can hand out the tube and the dice for thorough examination.
  1. Remove four dice from inside the tube.
  2. Cover the stack of dice with the tube. When you lift off the tube, the number of dice grows and grows…
  3. Until eight dice appear, magically stacked in a tall tower!
  4. You can hand out the tube and dice to your audience at the end.

Created by Takayuki Kumazawa

Make a bill move using only your mind!!

In this supernatural effect, you show that you have the power to move a bill with the power of your mind. The gimmick is cleverly hidden, making it appear as if you are using nothing more than ordinary household items.
  1. Borrow a bill from your spectator, and balance it on the pencil tip. Hold your hands near the bill, and it will start to rotate.
  2. You can control the bill without touching it, causing it to stop, or even rotate in the opposite direction.
  3. In a second presentation, you can make the bill adhere to, and drop away from the pencil tip completely at your command.

Created by Tomoyuki Shimomura

A solid ball appears from a flat greeting card!!

Remove a thin pop-up greeting card from a flat envelope, and open the card to show that a 3-dimensional box has formed. Open the lid of that box, and magically produce a solid ball from inside! Many variations are possible: explain that you've placed a prediction inside the envelope, and then produce a ball of the same color that has been chosen freely by your audience. Use the enclosed capsule to produce a piece of candy or a finger ring, and hand out the item as a gift. You can also produce a written message that will delight your audience.
  1. Hand out the envelope to a spectator, and allow him to confirm that it is thin and flat. Next ask him to choose one of three colors.
  2. Remove the pop-up greeting card from the envelope and open it. Amazingly, a solid ball of the same color appears inside the card!

You can also… use the enclosed capsule to produce other small items from inside the card as well. This is an amazingly versatile prop!

Created by Kenichi Komiya

Read someone's mind with…

Genius creator Lubor Fiedler has unleashed his latest magical creation! Until now, it was inconceivable that you could give any random person the ability to read another person's mind. The Third Eye allows you to do just that! Place The Third Eye in the space between someone's eyebrows, and that person only will be able to locate a selected card. Nobody else will have a clue how he did it. Perform this at a party or other gathering, and your audience will all want to try!
  1. Show five emotion cards to your spectator, and ask her to select the one that best matches her emotion right now.
  2. Mix the cards up so that nobody knows which one was chosen, and place them in a stand, backs facing out.
  3. Hand The Third Eye to a different person, and show that it has a red blinking light. Ask him to place the Eye to his forehead, in the space between his eyebrows, and he will instantly know which one was the chosen card.

※1. Only the person using The Third Eye can find the card!
※2. You can ‘see' the chosen card as soon as you put on The Third Eye!

Created by Luber Fiedler
Cards and stand design by Toru Suzuki

Float your own body in mid-air!!

What your spectator sees:
  1. You make the Flying Carpet float in mid-air, approximately 4 inches above the floor! There is absolutely nothing between the base and the Flying Carpet.
  2. Next, you actually step onto the Flying Carpet!
  3. While still standing on the Flying Carpet, you bend down to move the base forward and backward, left and right. There is clearly no connection. At this point, your spectator will likely shout out, “Impossible!" It is uncanny how amazing your spectator's experience of this illusion appears.
※ The illustration depicts your spectator's view while wearing the mystery glasses.

The secret lies in:
  1. The mystery glasses
    The lenses are made of a special material that controls the wearer's depth perception. Using these glasses, you can create an unbelievable illusion for whoever is wearing them!
  2. Special materials and colors
    The materials and color of the Flying Carpet have been carefully chosen to create the most powerful effect.
  3. Lubor Fiedler
    This illusion comes from the mind of that genius magic creator, Lubor Fiedler. He has invented and released the first ever optical illusion of this kind to the world.
Created by Luber Fiedler